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How can I contact you?
If you run into any issues while downloading a sound bank or just want to get in touch, feel free to email me at alanmarcero {[at/@/a-t]} gmail. Sorry for the crazyness but I get enough SPAM as it is.

Right, what's all this, then?
A new approach to synthesizer patch bank design and distribution. Firstly, all items are offered on a 'name your own price' basis. That means if you want to try out a bank before laying down your hard-earned cash for it, by all means enter '0' into the price, put in your email address, and your download link awaits -- no charge. But if you do choose to make a donation, your generosity rewards my efforts and encourages me to make my patches available here rather than keep'em all for me greedy self!

Second, since you're purchasing a completely digital item, one I will not physically deliver, the trade off is that you will always have access to downloading the patch bank through this website. If at some point in the future you lose the bank, or want to download an update (more on that later), sign in to the Customer's Section with your email address and password and your previously purchased items are there waiting.

Lastly, all sound banks you see on my website are 100% a 'work in progress'. I don't feel ANYONE can claim to make 128 patches perfect the first time. I use the patches you see on my website in my own music (YouTube) and am always updating the banks with new sound ideas. Rather than release volume 1/2/3 etc. as I've commonly seen, I prefer to "limit" each instrument to 128 well made patches rather than overwhelm myself with several hundred patches. I think you'll agree...